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Professional Arborist -Tree Cutting, Lopping & Removal Services Melbourne

If you have trees that have overgrown over the years or have become dead and quickly needs to be removed, lest it unpredictably falls over in a stormy weather then call a tree cutter to come out and do the job of cutting it down safely and disposing it too in the process.

Tree cutting should be left to the professionals to do the job. Safety is an issue when people cut trees. Professional tree cutters do the job safely and efficiently. Don’t risk it, call a professional to safely cut the unwanted or damaged trees.

Overgrown trees that pose problems to driveways, buildings, putting you and you family in danger and the neighbour’s too should be dealt with quickly before things get worse. Call us and let us have a quick look before we can give a rough estimate to the size of the job. Our expert tree cutters will help identify the dangers involved and remove the tree(s) safely from your property.

Trees that need to be cut back need to handled with care. There is a delicate balance nature puts into each growing tree. The best time to cut back trees is during the autumn season and before the stormy season too. During autumn, the leafs fall off from most trees and one can see the overall shape of the tree and thus decide on what parts needs to be cut back.

We’ve seen many overgrown branches broken off trees during high winds and also during dry summers too.

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Professional Tree Cutting, Lopping & Removal Services Melbourne

There really is not one price for tree trimming or cutting. Tree trimming prices can vary depending on the size of the tree, number of trees and how often throughout the year you want to get the services. Prices can also be affected if the cuttings need to be taken away.

So, quotes for tree cutting and removal requires many factors that need to be taken into consideration to correctly estimate the cost for the work

Some of the things that determine costs are things like:

  • The size of the tree trunk diameter,
  • the root system,
  • the depth of the roots,
  • the height of the tree,
  • the complexity of the environment and its proximity to the building.

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Sick trees

No two trees are alike and the costs to trim it can vary. Lot of factors go into determining how much it will cost to trim or cut a tree.

When we embark on calculating the cost for a tree trimming service we take three main factors into consideration.

Healthy trees can be trimmed as long as they are on a stable ground and the roots are deep and plenty.

Unhealthy trees can be a waiting time bomb for the owner. For example, a tree struck by lightning will no longer be as stable as it was in the past. In these situations we don’t recommend a standard trim. It would be best to examine it further to determine if it’s safe to trim it or to cut it totally.

Some trees end up with a disease or illness that have a negative impact on it’s health and strength.

Fungi is something that needs to be investigated and if left unchecked it can weaken and even kill trees. Fungi infested trees lose their nutrients and their trunk, limbs and root system are invaded and weakened as a result. These trees over time can fall unexpectedly and without a warning thus making them a dangerous hazard to people living or commuting close to them.

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