Weeding is service that requires one to remove unwanted greenery from your lawn. For the grass to look and stay beautiful, it would require constant effort from time to time to remove the weeds. Next time you call us inquire about the weeding service we have. Our weeding service will put more green grass life back into your lawn.

There are many ways to go about weeding the lawn. One way would be to use a tool to go throughout your yard and remove them one-by-one. This is a long process and can be costly if contracted out, but a sure way to remove the visible weeds from your garden.

The other way is to use a formulated spray designed to kill the weeds only. The spray does not harm the existing grass but goes straight into working to remove the unwanted weeds from your lawn.

Contact us and let us know how we can bring more grass back into your lawn with our weeding and spraying service.

Many chemicals used for weeding are environmentally safe and even friendly to pets and humans. But there are some that can be poisonous and are not recommended.

We take care of the hard work in cutting your grass. Schedule an appointment.

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Weeds can be very resilient and we think nature intends to keep it that way. We believe weeds have their own purpose somewhere along the way. They are probably the best self propagators out there in nature.

Weeding application needs to be done many time throughout the year. Doing it before the wet season is a good time to start. But, if your property has so much weeds then ask us about our lawn weeding services to look after you.

Weeds need to be tackle before they flower and every time they flower they have seeds to be carried out by the winds. These natural wonders need to be properly removed from the root before they flower. Our weeding team can come in and bag what we can see and spray to stop the seeds from germinating.

Weeding is an ongoing process because the winds bring in a new set of seeds from neighboring properties and lands until next time. So, if you want that great looking lawn without the weeds book us to help with your lawn weeding.

    Furthermore, reseeding and weeding go hand in hand to stop the weeds from expanding territory on your property. A strong grass root system will prevent weeds from growing vigorously. It is a constant effort to keep the weeds out year after year, but it’s worth it.

    Do it yourself lawn maintenance can take a chunk of your time and effort, as there is a range of duties that need to be cared for.

    If doing it yourself is overwhelming then get a professional to maintain your lawn and garden needs. We do a great job too by helping our customers have the best lawns and gardens in the street.

    Call us about lawn weeding services and to speak to you about weeding out the weeds from your lawns, garden and overall property.

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    Our customers are our #1 priority. We provide friendly service with a smile. Your satisfaction is our business.

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    Our customers are our #1 priority. We provide friendly service with a smile. Your satisfaction is our business.

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    Our customers are our #1 priority. We provide friendly service with a smile. Your satisfaction is our business.


    There are many advantages to mulching:

    Saves you over-watering your trees and plants,
    Keeps the roots of the plants and trees away from the cold of the night and winter and also the heat of summer too,
    it’s maintenance free advantages outweigh it’s costs,
    if you add organic mulch along with the usual variety, these tend to provide nutrients to the soil which later benefits the plants and the trees.
    Mulch is applied to the top of the soil and covers around the trees and plants. It is spread on top of the ground at about 5 – 10 cm thickness depending on the application and use for.

    Our mulching services is best applied at the beginning of the growing season or during landscaping projects. As the season progresses, mulch helps to stabilise the soil temperature and moisture.

    The list below are just some of the commonly available mulch:

    Leaves: usually collected in autumn and are thoroughly dried, chopped and shredded before application.
    Grass clipping: These are often thoroughly dried too before being applied. One cannot use freshly cut grass as mulch to cover the ground. It introduces to much rot into the ground and can poison the plants beneath it. So, it needs to be dried grass.
    Wood chips: these are cut trees pieces that are chopped into small pieces. Usually used around trees and big plants.
    Bark chips: are outer layer of timber trees. They come in various colours and add character to the landscape.
    Straw mulch: these are light weight and sold in bales. We generally use them with seedlings and vegetable gardens to keep the soil temperature and moisture at the desired levels.
    Cardboard and Newspaper: used as a base layer topped with regular mulch to keep the overall mulch costs down.


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