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Bush Cleaners in Melbourne

Are you on the lookout for the best Bush Cleaners in Melbourne? If yes then you are at the right place. Over years we are the leading provider of Professional bush cleaners in Melbourne. 

Do you have any of these problems with your property:

– overgrown trees gone wild,
– leaf continues to accumulate,
– weeds overtaken large areas of your lawn,
– blocked roof gutters and drains,
– unsightly environment,
– clear out overgrown bushes
– or other garden works that need attention.

Autumn is the season where nature starts to get to work in shedding it’s leaves among many trees. It’s a cyclic phenomena where trees get ready and preserve their existence by going dormant during the cold winter time. Even autumn with it’s leaves falling onto road sides and backyards has it’s beauty to be awed and what a sight it makes with its dazzling array of autumn colours.


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The down side to nature shedding tree and bush leaves is that it needs to go somewhere. It’s fine in the country sides, in the bushes, or remote areas where people are far from nature itself. In the cities and suburbs the leaves go all over the place. They can clog up drains, fill the roof gutters, suffocate other plants nearby and also or in the cities. So, the leaves fall off and cover the gardens and walk ways.

Dead leaves can be a nuisance after it accumulates to a state where it becomes intolerable. They can suffocate your grass and even deprive it’s growth.

Many home owners manage the duties of cleaning leafs from their yards. But, when the job gets over-sized to handle then you need a leaf removal services contractor to come over, sweep it, collect it and then take it away nicely and neatly.

The advantages of leaf removal service is many, you save time and you put your money to work. Then there is the higher advantage of getting rid of the dead leaves too. A leaf removal contractor will remove leaves and take it away with them to land fills or recycle it somewhere else.

Call us to help you our for your autumn leaf removal service. We do such a great job that customers call us back several times a year to keep the beauty of their yards. Contact us here.

Garden Bush Removal Services

Neglected backyards and front yards are a combination of a fertile environment for pests to move in and make a home for themselves.

A heavy mix of weeds, over-grown grass as well as an abundant mix of dead leaves and plants is a perfect environment for mixed bag of garden pest and disease buildup.

You would think if we leave such environment alone long enough it would solve itself out. Alas, it is an environment that really starts to suffocate your lawn and even kill portions which can be costly to clean up and recover. We’ve seen mice, spiders and even possums make it a regular place to set up home.

Then you need the experts to come in and restore the beauty back.

Call for leaf and any other garden cleanup today.

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Hedging Services

Hedge Cutting, Trimming & Pruning Services in Melbourne

We offer the best Hedge Cutting, Trimming & Pruning services across Melbourne. Hedge trimming is important not only for visual aesthetics but also the most important reason for professional hedge cutting & pruning is that this will safeguard the overall health of the plant. Our hedging service includes cutting, pruning, and trimming all shrubbery or small to medium-size trees or hedges to a healthy size.

Hedges, are like natural barriers to give you privacy and look like a fence that looks great too. There are many property owners in Melbourne who love having hedges in front of their homes or within separate areas. They look just great if done correctly.

Hedge maintenance is our speciality. Hedging requires the right tools and equipment to allow the hedge trimmer to do his work at optimal speed and accuracy.

In order to have a great looking natural hedge and for the best results it is vital that it be done on a regular basis. Hedge trimming not only adds an aesthetic look to your property but it also keeps dogs, cat and people out as well.

Regular hedge maintenance is vital to the look and feel of the plant and as well as its health. Keeping it strong and resilient to disease is also important. It does need watering during the long dry seasons.

We are not only concerned with cutting, pruning or trimming your bushes or small trees, but we make sure to leave the area tidy & clean after we are done.

Our main focus is on maintaining the plants to a healthy size to ensure they will be around for you to enjoy for years to come. The quality of our hedge cutting, trimming &  pruning services in Melbourne will definitely leave you very impressed.


When our gardeners trim your hedges they will make sure to remove all the cuts with them. It is our policy that we do a clean job on every hedge we trim.

The best time to trim hedges is early spring to stimulate a healthy growth during spring and summer. Not all hedges are alike, some grow slower that others. That is why you need to know what type you have. Generally, hedging will require about 1 – 4 times per year depending on the type or variety you have planted in your property.


Some hedges grow really fast and need regularly maintenance. If you leave them too long between trims then it becomes hard to get to the tops to trim them down. Non maintained hedges look untidy and they basically become looking like bushes. They can take up a lot of your valuable space for themselves.

If you have a hedge and are unable to maintain it yourself then your other option is to call a professional hedging company to do the work for you.

We love to maintain hedges and make them great looking. We have great hedging rates. Call us any time and speak to us about your hedges.

Areas we serve our Hedge Cutting, Trimming & Pruning services

We offer our professional Hedge Cutting, Trimming & Pruning Services in Berwick, Bentleigh, Brighton, Cranbourne, Cheltenham, Chelsea, Clayton, Chadstone, Dandenong, Glen Waverley, Hallam, Huntingdale, Mount Waverley, Mulgrave, Narre Warren, Oakleigh, Wantirna, Waterways, Wheelers hill, Vermont, Ferntree gully, Lyndhurst, Keysborough, Officer, Dingley village. So if you are from any of these places and searching for Hedge Cutting, Trimming & Pruning services near me, contact us now!

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